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YouCan Trust creates individual development programs for young people to give them a chance to live a self-determined, independent life. To achieve this, the focus is on programs that promote and instill self-sufficieny and sustainability.

Running project iiCamp 2013

A cookbook with recipes of the Khmer kitchen in Cambodia. Started during the iiCamp 2013 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Launch: Middle of 2014

Version 1: GPrint and E-Book

Reserve at:

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2011 - Winner of the Kudos Award, App Circus - Mobile Monday.

2012 - Winner Competition Focus, spiecial price in category sciences.

Intercultural Innovation Camp 2014 in Asia

Interculturl Innovation Camp 2014 in Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan

2014 the Intercultural Innovation Camp will take place in Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan. All information here on our website.

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Intercultural Innovation Camp 2013 in Cambodia

Warmest welcome to the Intercultural Innovation Camp 2013!

The program for the next Intercultural Innovation Camp in Cambodia is fixed.

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Conference for recognition of non-formal learning experience in the international youth work

Anne Sorge-Farner "Grenzüberschreitende Mobilität als Lernort und die Dimensionen seiner Anerkennung" (Quelle: Oliver Volke, (C) by IJAB, CC-Lizenz: )
(Quelle: Oliver Volke, (C) by IJAB, CC-Lizenz: )

The international conference strengthened our assessment, that a verification procedure such as the “Certificate of Competence International” gets more and more important in terms of non-formal learning.

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Review iiCamp 2012 in Cambodia

Intercultural Innovation Camp 2012 in Cambodia

The Intercultural Innovation Camp 2012 took place in Siem Reap, Cambodia. A camp with a lot of adventures and new experiences.

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Our team won the competition Focus!

Competition Focus 2012: Our team has won!

Great joy, because we won! The special prize in category Sciences!

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